Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5000 years from now

February 13 7013

I just celebrated my 5067th Birthday a few days ago and I can honestly say that time really does fly.  IT LITERALLY FLIES.  Seriously!
Time particles become airborne and dissolve into ultraviolet beams of light and then they get moved by cosmicwind tunnels and before you can say "hotdiggtydog" time simply jumps through an illusionairy point of reference, better know as a clock, and lands anywhere and anytime it chooses. It's a whole new Quantum ballgame if you know what I mean.

And if you were paying close attention to my last article then you might think I've found Molly.

You would be incorrect.

I've landed in February of 7013, and I need to fill you in on some current events.

The President of the United States is an AI and her name is 4693....or as her friends like to call her 46.  After California became an island in 5274 there have been multiple battles between Nevada and Arizona regarding water rights and currently, since the Colorado River is now part of the Pacific Ocean, the main problem centers around how the water from Canada, which comes through the Continental Tube, gets distributed to the 59 million people living in those two states.

California is no longer a state within the United States but is now its own country.  America owns 51% of California and is California's prime trade partner.  The separate "countrystate" has a population of 700 million.  When the Continental Separation occurred in 5274 it created a new land mass from just north of San Francisco to the tip of the Baja Peninsula. It took a couple of hundred years, and a few nasty wars with Mexico, to finally secure the property, but by 5490 California/Baja was completely owned and operated by the United States of America.  It took 1210 more years for California to become its own country and the unique part ownership arrangement with the USA was finalized in 6700. It took so long to work out the problems because no one wanted to pay for the bridges that had to be built.  The Tesla Ferry Service became the biggest company in California until the underwater vacuum tubes were constructed by Halliburton around 900 years ago.

Mexico ceased to exist as a country in 5709 when it was officially purchased by Japan.  The Japanese had been slowly intermingling with Mexico for 2400 years since their Island erupted in 3250.  The eruption was predicted 100 years earlier by techgeologist and most of the Japanese people had vacated the Island before the eruption. During the 100 years before it exploded, the Japanese industrial complex constructed 10,000 large ocean vessels and all the people from Japan were living on those vessels until a land lease arrangement had been developed with Mexico in 3300.  Over the next 200 years Japanese and Mexicans started merging as a race and today's it's very hard to distinguish who is Japanese and who is Mexican.  The name that they prefer is Jaxicans. In case you are wondering....they are very interesting looking but still really short....and their dedication to building the worlds most beautiful gardens is legendary. The amount of tourism to view their world class gardens is second to none.  They have crossbread some plant species that not only look extraordinary but will get you higher than a kite if you take a small nibble. 

When you eat at a Jaxican restaurant the portions are very small because they combine Wasabe with Jalapenos in all their food and the human body can only take so much nonsense.

But gee whiz.....I was trying to fill you in on California and I got sidetracked......that's part of the problem with time traveling so freakin fast.  One minute minute minute minute everywhere.

Quantum reality is truly a different type of reality than it was in 2013.  Back then we had we have systems built on subatomic particle awareness.  Systems that were impossible to accept by the average human being.  The evolutionary change that took place over a 1000 year time period from 1900 to 2900 allowed for the expansion of both awareness and acceptance of unique and different thought patterns.

Dr. Francis Joseph Conlan's discovery of the Prime Objective in 2016 allowed for the human mind to open and finally accept that mathematics was the key to human thought expansion.  The beauty of that Prime Objective moment came when Dr. Conlan told the world that God was a mathematician and that She was disappointed in how organized religions had interpreted Her creations.  The Prime Objective was the beginning of increased tolerance and forgiveness by the human race....but of course it took another 800 years for the rest of the species to segue into the next stage of human evolution....which became known as Huma-Angelicus.....

The Huma-Angelicus name was coined by some unknown artist in the 21st Century while trying to find out where to get Molly.

I've got to catch a time flier back in a few minutes but I will be sure to fill you in on the current haps when I come back in a few minutes....or forward in a few seconds.....or

Michael Timothy McAlevey

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