Thursday, February 22, 2018

Still the winner

On my last post I mentioned that I like to find the hottest "chicks" in the Olympics.....and of course mention a few compelling stories.

There are quite a few that grabbed my attention and they usually operate around the ice skating rink.
After careful consideration I think I have to pick the winner as the same winner I choose 4 years ago and eight years ago.

Madison Chock didn't win a medal but who cares?

The Shaun White story seems compelling but maybe for the wrong reasons.  Time will tell if his past behavior weighs more than his athletic accomplishments.

I keep thinking that maybe Lance Armstrong shouldn't be so tortured....after all he just abused himself.

The Lindsay Vonn saga is very compelling and Trump supporters are somehow involved in the post game parade of comments.....claiming she lost the downhill because of "Karma."  She was quoted a few weeks ago saying she wouldn't go to the White House if invited.  I think the real karma drama centers around the fact that now she doesn't have to worry about being invited.  She is the most decorated skier in United States history and that should be enough to keep her warm at night.  Look for her to be a lead commentator next to Bodie Miller at the next winter Olympics in 2022.

The US women's Hockey team defeated Canada for the gold medal in one of the most exciting hockey games I've ever watched.

YOU CAN COUNT THE HOCKEY GAMES I'VE WATCHED BY HOLDING UP YOUR TWO HANDS....and the games I've watched are in the Winter Olympics.

Getting back to the "babes"

Tessa Virtue from Canada just completed her fourth Olympic games and she won the gold medal with her partner, in all aspects of life, Scott Moir for Ice Dancing.

This is them awhile back.

 This is medals and wedding bands......great story.

Norway has 5 million people and leads everyone in medals.
Of course there are lots of blondies in Norway and since they were Vikings it makes sense that they excel in winter sports.

This speed skater's name is Hege Bokko and I'm not sure how to pronounce it but she is definitely Bokko ok to me.

The 16 year old Russian skater who leads after the short program easily had the coolest looking costume and I think it helped her take a slight lead over the older Russian skater who is 18.  They both have great poise and the final should be quite entertaining.

That's enough beauty for's time to get back to the Curling finals.  By the way how about the Curling dude who got expelled for Performance Enhancing drugs?  How in the world will he ever live that down?

So far I'm just elated that no one got killed in the Big Air and Half Pipe contests......

Madison Chock is still the winner......

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Number 1300

This is my 1300th post on MIND JAZZ and it's the first day of the 2108 Winter Olympics, which are being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

In a few days millions of Americans will actually know how to pronounce Pyeongchang and millions of human beings will turn their attention to an area of the world that has been dominated by a small "son of...." north of Pyeongchang.

I'm not going to spend time discussing the leader of North Korea because I'm sure he will make his presence  felt one way or another over the next two weeks.

I'm a huge fan of Olympic competition and today, before the Opening Ceremonies, the Curling events have started.

The shallow part of me always likes to find the most beautiful female faces participating in the Olympics but maybe all the recent news involving women coming forward regarding sexual harassment and abuse will make that type of entry.......wrong.

Does this mean I should  stop even looking a beautiful women with great athletic bodies?

There seems to be a fine line that I'm no longer allowed to cross.
does this get back to the old expression??????
"You can look but you better not touch".....which happens to be a lyric from a song

Most likely what will occur over the next two weeks of my Olympic coverage will be the following

:  I will point out a remarkable story or two regarding someone who might not even win a medal.
:  I will post a photo or two or three or four or even more of an extremely hot female athlete.
:  I will write about the winners and I write about the losers (of which there are none because once you are an Olympic participant you forever are an Olympic participant.
:  I will point out the good reporting of events.
:  I will also remark about the silly questions that get asked.



How in the world did anyone live before having a DVR?
My daughter's cell phone went down last night and she's asking the same question
about cell phones?
My take on cell phones is that they are totally addictive and withdrawal will be extremely painful.

If my DVR isn't working I just pick up a newspaper or a magazine and read about what happened.

Younger generations don't seem to know what a newspaper is....but the LA TIMES was just purchased for $500 million so there must be some value left....unless it's just a tax write-off for the billionaire Doctor who bought it.

God forbid that the whole INTERNET went down....or if some trillionaire bought it and started charging us by the nanosecond. 

I wouldn't be able to publish my 1300th article and you wouldn't be reading these words right now which would mean that you would be outside doing something participating in the 2018 Olympics.

Just stop for a sec and think about how hard all the athletes have worked to get to this moment on the world stage.  

Let's celebrate their or lose.  And in the meantime let me be shallow and point out some beautiful female faces.

By the you watch Lindsay Vonn try to win another medal do you also think about Tiger Woods?  Has your celebrity world completely blended into one odd bubble of information?
I'm trying not to think of Donald Trump as I get ready to watch the 2018 Games but I'm finding it almost impossible.  Watching the Curling doesn't work but maybe the more intense events will rid me of this ongoing nightmare.

Let the Games begin....and let the faces appear.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Thursday, February 1, 2018

And then came the actual facts

I'll give President "Biff" kudos on a few things from the State of the Union speech.

His hair wasn't orange.
He seemed subdued.
His tie wasn't overtly long.
He didn't talk for two hours.

As for some of his "strange" comments I'd like to start with the "clean coal" statement.


I think back to when Ronnie removed the solar panels from the White House that Jimmy had installed in 1977.  Simply telling the fossil fuel and coal people that they had the upper hand.
Now 40 years later "Biff" announces that affordable solar panels from importers will be assessed a tariff that should even the playing field for US manufacturers.  In truth he's telling oil and coal people that once again they have the upper hand....and that no matter how much renewable energy has advanced he will do everything in his power to slow down the process.

I'm thinking that he can do whatever he wants but nothing is going to halt  the intelligent increase of renewable energy sources.  I'm also fairly certain that within a year or two when the renewable energy numbers continue to increase....he will take full credit and somehow spin the entire story so that he and Scott Pruitt of the decimated EPA will be heroes.

I know that sounds silly but so far he has taken credit for every single thing that was already happening to our economy,

Study the flow charts from 2008 regarding unemployment and stock market numbers and note that, as I've said many times before, the recovery from 2008 meltdown doesn't have an actual set time frame and that it could take 6 or 8 or 12 years.  It's been 10 years and of course the recovery started when that other guy was in the White House.

Once again he keeps talking about our resurgent military and once more I say look at the numbers.

Count our military airplanes, aircraft carriers and submarines compared to rest of the world

Look at the money we spend on our military budget compared to everyone else combined.

This discrepancy in numbers existed long before "Biff" entered office.

There has never been a stronger military in the world and even as China tries to play catch up and Russian tries to revamp...they are light years behind both technology and machinery.

I suggest that if you want the actual facts regarding his speech that you do the research.

Of course I like Bernie's web page but that can't be a surprise.

And one more thing...don't try to point out that the Democrats didn't stand up for many of his statements,  Perhaps you can recall when the entire GOP side of the aisle sat on their thumbs for all of Barry's speeches.

That's just the game they play....and when you think about's not really a very nice game.

Facts and political speeches generally have very little in common.

Good luck sorting out the truth.

The fun part is doing the research and trying to figure out if any elected official is actually
an honest and right thinking human being.

It seems pretty obvious that the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is neither but then again he is not a politician.....he's just a celebrity.

And that my friends is an actual fact.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


That "family" in Perris, Ca has neighbors that thought their behavior was ODD.

I would summarize the last few years as ODD but in no way possible could that family be anything but
bat shit crazy.

I'm getting very concerned that there's something in the water or maybe those conspiracy people are right about the Chem-trails.


The "mom"  in Perris couldn't figure out why authorizes would come to her door.

The EPA allowing DOW to continue spraying nerve gas on our food.

The President of the United States expressing every thought he gets on Twitter.

A guy pushing the wrong button on a drill and making everyone in Hawaii think they were being annihilated.

The doctor for the female USA Olympic Gymnastic team. I can't even imagine how this went on for year after year after year.

Normally I'm very excited about the beginning of the Olympics but the location makes me very nervous.
I saw some pictures the other day of the area and first thought was.....where's the snow....and my second thought was how many of the 33,686 US soldiers lost their lives in those mountains.

They announced the other day that a North Korean team was being allowed to participate. I think one of the bobsled guys is Kim Jong Un.......(not capitalized normally but that's just the way I with it)

I realize this is well off of point but it appears that the entire USC football roster is declaring for the NFL draft.

How about a slight change of pace......

And then there's another shift in style

Which actually happens to be the song I would select if asked to sing my favorite song for entrance to the pearly gates.

And then once I got inside I would crank it up a bit.

So let's interview the neighbors of those Perris people and then the grandparents, who apparently knew what was happening, and really figure out who is the oddest of them all.

I did hear a rumor that the Inland Empire, where Perris is located, supported Trump at about 70 percent.

Go figure.


Probably not so much......more like the sign

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Reviewing 2017 from non-personal angle

As I look back on 2017, with a social view, all I see is Trump.

Let's be honest here....the year was filled with an eclipse and the firing of the head of the FBI and of course that horrible incident in Las Vegas and the earthquake in Mexico.  Throw in three devastating hurricanes and the California fires and we had many things to take our mind off of what was happening in Washington D.C. with the GOP agenda.....
and yes it is a big butt......

Donald J. Trump, or as I like to call him, President "Biff" dominated the news....both at home and around the world.

The North Korean leader tried to steal some of the spotlight but every time he made a move "Biff" simply tweeted and took back center court.

Of course we had some sports moments that helped to take our mind off of reality....with the city of Houston celebrating their first ever World Series title after having been crushed by the flooding earlier in the year.

Those of us who are bit older in LA got to enjoy a local Dodger World Series experience for the first time in 29 years.

The Rams second season back in LA saw a complete turnaround of fortunes and this coming Saturday will mark their first playoff appearance since 2003.  Oh and by the way, the Rams are 6 point favorites over the Atlanta Falcons.....who actually played in last years Super Bowl and lost to the New England Patriots.



I'm just remembering how bad the Rams were a year ago, and yes they are now a much better team, but I think it takes a few years to be seriously able to advance in the playoffs.

But if I'm wrong then I'll sure as hell enjoy being wrong.

SEE......sports do take our minds off of reality.

Another area that takes our attention away from political reality is the world of show business.

2017 was unique because it tied show business up in a neat little knot known as "sexual harassment." In a year where Wonder Woman appeared with a huge flourish, many regular women came along and stood up for their dignity.

The sexual harassment issue then moved to politics and once more we were slapped with politics interrupting our leisure time.

The fact that two completely opposite political figures bit the dust (Franken and Moore) seemed like a sporting event.

2017 saw the 8th Star Wars story reach a billion dollars in sales within 3 weeks of its release.
1977 to 2017 and there seems to be no end in site unless Disney somehow implodes 
and since 1955 the name Disney has dominated every aspect of our culture NOT HAVING TO DO WITH POLITICS.

The real problems with the GOP agenda will become clear over the next year and reversing any damage will take a few more years.  Hopefully the upcoming midterm elections will be an indication of what will happen in 2020.

But I'm reminded of what part of Neo-Illumination #6 says.....

               "Happiness might be based on
                          how much
                                         one can ignore"

and if that's true then we might be faced with two terms of President Biff and everything that took place in 2017 will seem like a soft preview before the main attraction.

Just imagine for one second that 2017 was the gentle and uneventful year of his presidency.

I think I just scared myself.

Time to stop looking back and move forward into a year that will finally give me personal accomplishments that I been dreaming about since 1972 when I first started pounding out letters on my electric Smith Corona in an lovely little studio apartment overlooking a beautiful creek in Fairfax, California.

I think back to how much I detested the President of the United States in 1972 and this current dude just seems cartoonish compared to Tricky Dick....

The world has changed a lot since 1972 mainly due to the proliferation of arms and social avenues of communication but it has also changed in one other large way.

a much larger number then existed in 1972

and those who are aware and awake are much more aware and awake then
in 1972.

Of course there are now 7 BILLION people on the planet so everything has increased including things we can't seem to control like poverty, hunger, pollution, disease, migration and tragic climate episodes.

Those six bullet points listed above are what is exactly wrong with the GOP agenda.

Those issues are not on the table when we sit down to shallow what the Republican Party is serving.

But in the meantime....

Go Rams
and yes.........Spring Training is only 45 days away.......

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 will be thought of as???????????

Attempting to summarize 2017 creates a unique conundrum, followed by a plethora of anomalies combined with ethical probabilities and mundane realities that are textured well beyond practical solutions.

Blessed in certain ways that should outshine the negative and ruthless truths of social and political events.

And of course it does in many many many certain ways that are far more important than anything that guy in the White House does, thinks or dreams.

The problem is.....his doing, thinking and dreaming can really mess things up for millions and millions of people.

That face you are looking at can only affect a few people at a time.

I'm pretty sure if she got the exposure and the brand that she seems to be born for........(pretty physically advanced young lady)......lots more than a few people could be affected in a very positive way.

I guess MODELS can be any age.

I can see her doing a print ad for Restoration Hardware's Baby and More stores....or maybe Baby Guess if they still exist....and of course a baby Dodger spot would be perfect.

Imagine Vin holding her talking about old and young baseball fans.  She has already shown a soft spot for the Dodgers and much of that has to do with them going to the World Series.  She got to watch her Grandpa hoot and holler through six games.  7th game saw very little enthusiasm on the part of her GP.

Isla Valentina Hernandez McAlevey
just celebrated her first Christmas
and she
9 months old

The joy of watching her respond to the Christmas celebration is truly priceless.

In fact it completely takes my mind off of anything political.

I started Mind Jazz 11 years ago yesterday and posting the picture of my granddaughter might be the best post I've done....and I've done 1290.

Enough said

Michael Timothy McAlevey

PS...I'll do different type of 2017 retrospective in a few days.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

No interest

My last post was regarding the work of Louis L'Amour, the western author, and it's duly noted that it becomes the least viewed post since 2006.

This is an indication of two things:

Western development of the United States between 1850 and 1900 is extremely low on my readers list of literary experiences

Most of my readers have decided that they no longer care about anything I have to say

I will admit that in the 11 years since I've started Mind Jazz I have written about many different topics ranging from Science to Religion to Art to Politics to Music to Financial to Environmental to Philosophy to  Medical to Sports to Humor to Tragedy to Spirituality to Cosmology to Order to Chaos to Cinema to Color to Personal Success to Mental Blunders to Hypothesis to Hyperbole to Lecturing to Anomalies to Intelligence to Stupidity to Anger to Serenity to Questions to Answers to Speculation to Admiration to Beauty to Talent to Evil to Romance and on and on and on and on and of course to the fine art of

I had never mentioned Louis L'Amour and now that I have, I will either never mention him again or I will bring him up on a semi-regular basis until I feel that an adequate response has been generated.

It could be that I'm either very stubborn or that I just don't get the road signs and the directions they indicate.

I'm trying to expand your Universe

I realize fully that the size of the Universe is already so large that to assume your Universe is too small just indicates that I'm a bit off center when it comes to thinking about you.

You've probably learned by now

And perhaps that is the reason for the low number of views on my Louis L'Amour post.

Of course it is the start of the Holiday Season and people have much better things to do that spend time scrolling through a
Mind Jazz

By the way.....the best Santa Claus I've ever personally seen works in the Santa Monica Place, right between Nordstroms and Bloomingdales and about forty feet away from the Tiffany and the Rolex stores....and about 20 feet from the Louis Vaitton and Johnny Was stores.

I guess you could say he's a High End Santa....but at $39 and $49 photo packages I 'm sure there are much more expensive locations.  My guess is that the Trump Tower in NY has a Santa that costs at least a bill.

After talking to him for a few minutes the other day I was very impressed and felt a bit jealous of those under 10 who haven't grown past the age of early belief systems created simply to make childhood a bit more fun.

I just realized that that might be the reason I enjoy Mr. L'Amour books.  Western fantasy tied in with historical reality makes for entertaining breaks from current realities.

These also would be great books for parents and grandparents to read to children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Reading to young people is one of life's great pleasures....and I feel sad for adults who haven't had that pleasure.

Happy Holidays

And by the way if you happen to be wondering about the other end of the spectrum.....the largest number of readers, during the last 11 years, always happens when I write about

So to quote Bill Murray from Caddyshack
"At least I've got that going for me"

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recommendation for readers, young and old.

I've recently talked to a few people who don't read fiction.

That eliminates the following wordsmiths

Charly Dickins
James Fenimoore Cooper
Edgar Allen Poe
Rudyard Kipling
Agatha Christie
Louis L'Amour
John Grisham
Dean Koontz
Kurt Vonnegut
Jimmy Lee Burke
Bobby Lewis Stevenson
Johnny Steinbeck
Ernie Hemingway
Tommy Wolfe
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Elmore Leonard
Stevie King
Jack London
James Michener

Of all the above listed authors (and there are hundreds of more names that could and should be added to the list) I want to highly encourage an excursion into the world of

The development of the Western United States before, during, and after the Civil War is one of the most intriguing periods in our history.

Generally people's knowledge of the West has been obtained through the art of Cinema and early television....which means John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and the 1993 Tombstone film probably constitute most people's know how of how the West was developed. reads know how of with it.

Mr. L'Amour bio reads as follows:

Louis Dearborn L'Amour (/ˈli ləˈmʊr/; March 22 1908 –June 10 1988) was an American novelist and short story writer. His books consisted primarily of Western novels (though he called his work 'frontier stories'); however, he also wrote historical fiction (The Walking Drum), science fiction (The Haunted Mesa), non-fiction (Frontier), as well as poetry and short-story collections. Many of his stories were made into films and John Wayne once made the dubious assertion that L'Amour was the most interesting man in the world. L'Amour's books remain popular and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death almost all of his 105 existing works (89 novels, 14 short-story collections, and two full-length works of nonfiction) were still in print, and he was considered "one of the world's most popular writers".[1][2]

His research into the time period is extensive and his naming of characters is unequaled.  For example
I just finished reading The Cherokee Trail and the hero's name is....Temple Boone.

The stories are generally 4 to 5 hour reads and I suggest reading every word and put your speed reading abilities on hold.

Take a break from present day social and political happenings....flop down in your easy chair, put your feet up, grab some green tea, dim the lights and be ready to envision yourself traveling to an unknown land with people whose entire existence was based on starting a new life while encountering other people who had lived on the continent for thousands of years.

We know how things turned out but we quite often forget or don't care how the process unfolded.

Well researched historic fiction is a genre that should not be overlooked.
And nobody does the genre of how the West evolved better
Louis L'Amour.

It will take your mind off of how the GOP is attempting to rewrite the future of America...if only for a few hours at a time.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 8 2017

One year since America chose a new direction.  Hopefully the direction changes during mid-term elections.
Maybe even sooner.
From my words
God's ears.