Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Waste that just won't go away

If you've read Mind Jazz in the past than you already know that Nuclear Waste is one of my more depressing topics.  The Superfund cleanup sites are probably going to be even more ignored under the the new EPA leader Scott Pruitt. 

I'd like to watch a video of Mr. Pruitt walk through a Superfund clean up site and listen to his comments on how cleaning up the mess is bad for business.

I'd like to see Mr. Pruitt examine a coal mine and tell us that it seems like a good idea to be working in a coal mine....and then once more repeat how burning coal is good for business.

This is a map of Superfund sites

This is a map of Nuclear Waste sites

You can quickly notice that Superfund sites outnumber Nuclear Waste sites by a rather large margin
but the odds of cleaning something up at a Nuclear Waste site are so far off the chart that it's hard to calculate.

When something goes wrong with Nuclear ANYTHING then all hell breaks loose and YET
and is
very rarely brought up by political reporters during interviews.

It's hard to discuss things that don't have answers and what to do with Nuclear Waste is one of those subjects that doesn't have a solvable solution....except to bury it somewhere and usually that somewhere is somewhere where someone else doesn't want it buried.

Every so often a story might appear in the newspaper like last week on Page 5 in the LA TIMES.
(An article entitled TOXIC WASTE VS CLIMATE CHANGE by William Yardley) It's worth reading if you need to be a bit more nervous about President "Biff" and Scott Pruitt.   The fact that a Climate Denier is head of the EPA makes me want to put a pillow over my head and sleep until 2020.

Every time I bring this topic up I think of Japan and the 54 Nuclear Reactors built on a volcanic mountain and wonder what could possibly go wrong there........

By the way have you ever considered the irony regarding Nuclear Waste that continues to be dumped in the ocean at Fukushima and then enters the ocean currents and travels directly toward......the western United States.  Are they giving us back radiation from 1945 events?

Seems extreme doesn't it?  Kinda like an Alex Jones thought....which seems so wrong that it's time for some music.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

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