Saturday, June 3, 2017

Paris and a worst decision.

The guy in the White House, while running for the top job, told us that he wasn't a Climate Change advocate even though he thought something was happening and that he would do more research on the matter.

Deciding that 197 countries were traveling down the wrong path, our leader announced this week that the United States would pull out of the Paris Accord and focus on the problems of the remaining coal mining states, which by the way are already replacing their coal operations with natural gas extraction facilities.

The list of decisions that are contrary to a peaceful and environmentally healthy planetary atmosphere are growing on a daily basis. 

And it appears much of the direction being carved out is coming from Steve Bannon.  It seems that since he was removed from the National Security Council he has gone out of his way to push agenda's that go against not only common sense but intensify the war against poor people and the disenfranchised. And the odd part is that when you read about him, he never tried to hide behind some political spin.  He flat out believes that his actions are beneficial for the United States of America.

Isolationism can be camouflaged in many different cloaks of many different colors and dissecting    those differences later can prove to be troublesome, especially when attempting to determine which cloak or which color caused the biggest problem.

When it comes to political issues large problems start with small decisions and that's generally done on purpose to confuse the accountability level.

Politicians don't like to be blamed for problems and that's just the nature of the beast.  And by the way stop saying that President "Biff" isn't a politician......when one decides to run for President of The United States one automatically becomes the ultimate politician.  I believe that his stretching the truth and telling flat out lies is why he knew he could be a great politician....and in his mind he is the greatest politician in the history of the planet.

He might even think he's the greatest leader to have ever lived.  I'm not sure how far out of whack his ego is, but I'm pretty sure he's on the borderline of egotistical insanity.

I almost hate to say this....but he might be crazy.  Maybe one of the wealthiest crazy people to have ever lived. ( But most of the tyrannical leaders throughout history managed to accumulate hordes of wealth at the expense of others.  When you address the four bankruptcies of his corporations you can see that others paid a high price to be involved with his projects)

The Tweeting addiction, alone, indicates a strange oddness and I'm sure there are psychological tests that if taken would show some technical mental disturbances.  And then when you add the Steve Bannon evaluation to the mix it turns into a............serious question mark of behavioral patterns that don't appear healthy and for sure don't indicate a high regard for the concepts of love or compassion, not to mention a total disregard of fellow human beings, unless of course they are wealthy or run a country.

Then you add the BLING to the thing and the equation becomes quite obvious.

Maybe Napolean reincarnated?

Maybe Scrooge McDuck morphed into a human being?

Maybe Nero?

The entire situation is so COVFEFEING.

The removal from the Paris Accord is actually not as weird as naming Scott Pruitt head of the EPA.  That appointment in my mind will prove to be the worst decision ever made by a President of the United States.

And the guy in charge of the EPA wants to eliminate the entire agency.....and has said so multiple times.  And his boss. along with Mr. Bannon, have given the green light to making that happen.

All the countries of the planet are coming together on Climate Change and that ship has sailed and focus is aimed in the right direction by 197 countries.

Our environmental focus is being controlled by 
one man
Scott Pruitt
nobody seems
to care.....

I'm pretty certain that Steve Bannon has regular meetings with Scott Pruitt and that truly scares the s**t out me.

Leaving the Paris Accord....
not so much....due to the overwhelming numbers of countries who are involved.

And one last thing to's not the planet that will feel the pain of Climate Change disasters....
it's you
your children
and so on and so forth.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

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