Monday, May 15, 2017

Humbled and asking questions while working with The People.....

It's quite a blow to the ego, or the illusion created by the ego, when an artist of my stature (and I will thank you to stop laughing and giggling while I'll explain the conundrum which has transmigrated into a full blown anomaly) has to take a part time job in a bakery department of a large corporate retail food purveyor.

My friend Tom explains that it might be an important time for me to learn what The People have to experience....and that working with The People should be a valuable life lesson.

It would seem that the life lessons I've had to endure by my current calendar age would have fully manifested themselves before now and that this time should be totally devoted to delivering the messages instead of having to continue receiving them.

I understand the concept of human beings always trying to expand the learning curve and knowing that one should never stop trying to broaden one's knowledge.....but there comes a time when sharing the accumulated knowledge should be exercised.....especially if one has the tag "artist" attached to their name.  I don't think I asked for this but maybe I's hard to understand unless you are an artist.

First let me explain the artist of my stature comment.
Notoriety can not be the only tangent that determines stature, but most likely it is the only one that allows continual financial security for one to be able to devote all of their awake time to their work.  Not getting paid for one's work might recluse the word work from the equation but those of us who have spent untold hours working on their art know that the word work has to be applied. Acceptance of what one does by others is obviously a criteria that allows the work to continue.  I have a short list of others that appreciate what I do but obviously the list is not long enough or I won't be decorating cupcakes and baking sourdough baguettes.
When I bring up the word stature I generally refer to subject matter and uniqueness of the endeavor.  I have spent numerous hours surveying art venues with the soul intent of finding other artists who work on projects somewhat similar to what I do....and I'm confident that if there are others they work for NASA or Mr. Musk at Space X....or directly for the CERN project in Switzerland.

I'm not speaking of the Single Line Flow Motion Design Style work that I do....

......but am specifically referring to my Particle collision proton colliding CERN motivated images that are the corner stone of The Other God Particles display and "show."

And the next phase of the project will include equations, Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, of which I have created small images which will be large images if and when the Universe decides that my time is better spent creating images instead of baking bagels and working with The People.

When I refer to the stature of my art I'm literally referring to the subject matter and am fully aware that very very very very few people actually care about the origins of the Universe and all the mysteries that surround us....and then add the non-physical realities of Neo-Illumination and yes I am stranded on an island of creativity that appears to be of very little interest to the general public.

I have confidence and conviction....I just don't have the rent.

And as I experience the part-time work force of corporate America I am fully amazed that people are actually trying to live while working only 24 hours a week.  I've learned that most people need to have two jobs in order to survive and those people are extremely concerned about the changes to the Affordable Health Care Act.  Our current President has no concept of what part-time workers have to do to try and make ends meet, and from what I've been watching over the last three months it seems his main concern is to create extra hardships for the people who truly need help.  Of course that's nothing new for the Republican party but President "Biff" seems to be taking it to another level.

is not
character trait.

I'm with The People right now and I'm punching a time clock and the last time someone made me punch a time clock I ended up in the hospital.

Hopefully I have a better grasp of what this present experience is supposed to render.


But just in case you are wondering.....yes I do have artwork for sale and yes I do plan on having another show and yes I believe in the Fairly Godmother and yes I think the Dodgers can win another World Series in my lifetime and yes Blue is my favorite color and yes I think The Universe was started with a thought followed by an action and then things just kept expanding....

I know for a fact that our current President should not be President.....and I'd like to expand on that thought
time to go
bread....literally......and work with The People.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

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